Desperate Peugeot Workers Forced To Sleep On Concept Car

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We knew things were rough at Peugeot when they agreed to a partnership with GM last week, but we didn't just how rough it was. Look upon these sad, barely clothed Peugeot workers stretched out along the new Pug 208 Concept at their Geneva Motor Show stand.

The 208 previews the French brand's future look. What kind of future we'll see for Peugeot probably depends on what platforms the inevitably decide to share with GM.


Photo Credit: Frank Augstein / AP

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Ash78, voting early and often

I know all these positions well. Clockwise from top left:

1. F*cking antenna gasket falling apart again

2. Is that sap or a bubble in the clearcoat?

3. Sunroof alignment check/water intrusion inspection

4. Applying extra torque to stuck lug nut

5. F*cking HID ballasts are so hard to reach

6. Hood stuck in half-open position, maybe this will work

7. Knee hard against tire, checking for play in control arms

8. Wiper change

9. ABS check. Seriously, this guy is just showing off his abs