Design Exhibit Explores Detroit's Glory Days

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If you find yourself in Louisville, Kentucky within drop-in distance from the Visual Art Association's Water Tower building — it's the one that looks like a lighthouse — go there. As the NY Times's car-design beatwalker Phil Patton reports, a current exhibition offers a glimpse inside Detroit's studios during the we-can-do-anything days when the Buick Riviera, Pontiac GTO Judge and Chevy Chevelle were on the drawing board. It's an amazing retrospective, considering most early designs were closely guarded and most destroyed before anyone could stash them away for posterity. Apparently, some designers were better than others at selling their creations to the higher-ups, often by using devices like snow falling on a would-be Cadillac to add context. The guy who drew the Aztec must have studied under one of those guys. [NYT (reg. req.)]

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