Deniz Dek Would Drive This Car: The Cometchero!

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Trapped in a fit of writer's block, we figured the only thing that would get us rolling again would be the music of Radio Birdman, a somewhat obscure-yet-highly-influential Australian proto-punk band founded by Detroit-area guitarist, doctor and fighter pilot Deniz Tek. If you make it a habit of watching Spanish-language TV, their "New Race" might be familiar to you from a Toyota Corolla commercial from a few years back. And if Deniz doesn't drive a Hemi Slant-Six Wayfarer, we know he'd wanna be rolling in this Mercury Comet converted to Ranchero-style Ute duty. The kids are gonna mutate, and apparently, so are the Comets. Hale-Bopp, you're nothing in the face of this onslaught. Buy it now for only $7,600! [Thanks to Tony for the tip.]

'61 Mercury Custom Ranchero [eBay]

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