Delta Flight Lost A Giant Wing Panel In Mid Flight

Last night, a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 lost a 4 by 8 foot wing panel from its right wing during a flight between Orlando and Atlanta. The pilots of flight 2412 requested an emergency landing at Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport, landed safely and was towed to the gate.

Delta spokesman Anthony Black told NBC News,

"The crew, knowing that, followed procedure by declaring an emergency to air traffic control as they were landing, which gave them priority clearance to land and alerted ground crews."


Redditor Rozzard was on board the flight and snapped the photo (below) of the damage. The missing panel left wires and hydraulic lines exposed. It appears one line may be severed and venting a fluid. Delta Air Lines and the FAA are investigating how the panel may have come unsecured.

Top photo: Boeing 757-200 by redlegsfan21 in Flickr, with Creative Commons licensing for commercial use, Damage via imgur

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