Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Jimmy Fallon invited Road & Track editor Larry Webster to hang out and talk trucks. Sure looks like they had fun. I mean, they could have asked me to come. I like trucks too. Guys?


But apparently a subblog to a subblog of a super-popular celebrity gossip blog isn't as sexy as a nationally known magazine, and even my impressive illustration of Fallon soaring over a jump in a pickup was not enough to win his attention.

I mean, did he even see that amazing Photoshop or the fantastic truck suggestions left by the Truck Yeah! commentariat?! (Probably not.)

Webster even forgot to mention that the 2014 F-150 Fallon was looking at will be outta style real soon, among other things...


Now don't spend the rest of your work day watching Hulu. I said DON'T.

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