Defender Trials Is The Muddiest And Therefore Best Budget Motorsport

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You can take pretty much any direction when building your perfect Land Rover Defender. These guys went for roll cages and V8s.


If there's one thing the British have plenty of, it's enormous fields and forests that are always wet and ready for action. Britain is also full of Land Rovers, so if you decide to base your race car on a Defender, you're looking at a long-term relationship thanks to the endless parts available.


Defenders are not only bulletproof, but also dead easy to modify since everything bolts onto the steel chassis that's strong enough to withstand whatever you throw at it. That's why Defenders rarely get scrapped. At least in Europe.

Doing trials with your friends and family is a lot of fun come rain or shine, and using custom built Defenders just makes it even more special. After all, it's only the coolest off roader in the world.

Jaguar Land Rover, I can't wait to see the new one! But in case you screw it up, we just keep using these. Forever.

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Not the muddiest, but still looks like an awesome time