Death of a Dumb Law: IL Motorists No Longer Face Dead Batteries

While we appreciate the varietal spice of life various regional laws give these United States, we've gotta admit that some laws — like the no-buttsex-in-Tejas law that was thankfully ruled unconstitutional, the death of the rolling 30-year smog exemption in California and the retarded sex-toy ban in Alabama — just seem like rather idiotic intrusions of puritanical and/or PC mores. A just-stuck-from-the-books law in Pekin, Illinois, however, was just plain dumb on every level. Cars parked on city streets at night were required to leave at least one light on, leaving a spate of dead batteries and pissy drivers. Failure to comply resulted in a ten-dollar fine. Interestingly, a few folks were in favor of keeping the law, saying that it kept the streets clear of cars at night. Some people, we think, have a bit too much time on their hands. Yay reason! Yay Pekin!

Cars No Longer Need Night Lights, Town Says [WMUR 9]

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