Dealership Porters Caught Rocking Customer's Legacy GT

A member of the LegacyGT forum named Scruit has some worrisome evidence of a dealership thrashing his Subaru Legacy GT thanks to multiple in-car cameras connected to a trunk-mounted DVR.

Scruit took his car into a local bodyshop at a Ford dealership after his Legacy GT was involved in a minor fender bender and found the dealer's porters were a little rough on his little Scooby. Scruit seems like the somewhat anal retentive type based on his other YouTube videos, like the one showing his mailman peeing on his house or the roadrager smacking a car door into his fender, so we're not really that surprised he has cameras mounted all over his car.


No matter how anal of a guy he is, we're happy that he's provided this footage as it'll make us a little more cautious when we drop our cars off for service. As the owner points out, the guys are semi-aware they're on video and are thus probably not acting as poorly as they usually do.

(Hat Tip To Charles!)

[via legacygt, youtube]

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Rob Emslie

Needs John Bunnell VO saying When these poorly behaving porters took a customer's car for a joyride, they got more than they bargained for . . .