Deal And A Half: Bridgestone Drops Sponsorship Of Champ, Remains League Tire Supplier

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Bridgestone finally made the decision to drop out as a sponsor of Champ Car — but for some reason, the open-wheeled racing league's decided to stay with them as the sole tire supplier. That means Bridgestone's probably up in the corporate boardroom right now engaging in some serious Bugs-Bunny-esque "what a nincompoop, what a maroon" laugh-antics right now. That's because, if I've got this straight — Bridgestone gets to pay less money to Champ, loses its name on the marquee, but prevents any other supplier from jumping into the race because they're retaining their right to be the only tire supplier to the league. So why'd Champ agree to this deal again?

Bridgestone pulls sponsorship, but will remain Champ Car tire supplier [USA Today]


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