Deadbeat Dead Body Rots In Hearse For Two Months

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Planning to die in Gadsen, Alabama? Better make sure your finances are in order or you might end up abandoned in the back of a hearse until the police respond to an odor complaint.


That's just what happened to Edna Kathleen Woods after her family failed to pony up to have her remains incinerated. After storing the embalmed body for one year, funeral home owner Harold Watson Senior (pictured) got fed up when he wasn't able to contact Edna's family for payment. Instead of allowing her to continue hogging space in his fridge, Harold stuck her in a cardboard box, put that in an old hearse, drove it to a piece of property he owned nearby, removed the hearse's battery, then washed his hands of the affair.

Watson has now been charged with corpse abuse and may lose his funeral home license. [via AP]

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Seriously, how much can it cost him to run an incinerator? I know it's not the way to run a business, but instead of committing a crime that disgusting, how about just incinerator? Perhaps someone working at a funeral home can enlighten me on the cost of one firing.