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I’ve always liked the Audi A3. I like that it’s small and darty and fun, despite being expensive for what you’re getting. I was wholly unaware, however, that there was a cabriolet version. Whoops! But I guess it won’t matter very much now because the A3 Cabriolet is being killed off after the 2019 model year.

This is in from Car and Driver, after speaking with an unnamed Audi rep that confirmed the automaker’s intent to discontinue the convertible version of the A3 for 2020. That means the only other Audi convertibles you can get are the A5, S5, TT Roadster and R8 Spyder.


I guess it makes sense, keeping the A5 Cabriolet around over the A3. Audi sells way more A5s than A3s. But the A3 Cabriolet was Audi’s entry level convertible, starting at about $10,000 cheaper than the TT Roadster. After that, things get expensive.

So, if you’ve been pining for a little, four-seater convertible, then act fast because the A3s won’t be around for much longer. There’s always the used market, though.

We’ve reached out to Audi for additional comment on the matter and will update if we hear back.

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