After a long, cold, windy day of Michigan-style endurance racing, we've got a CRX in the lead, a Neon in second... and a Merkur XR4Ti and Ghostbusters Volvo wagon in the top ten.

1. Clueless Racing, Honda CRX

2. Latch-Key Kids, Dodge Neon


3. Half-Last, Ford Mustang (turbo 4-cylinder)

4. Booby Prize Racing, Nissan 200SX SE-R


5. Joe Dirt Mullet Rockers, Chevrolet Caprice

6. C.A.R.T. (Chicagoland Amish Racing Team), BMW E30


7. The Tools, Merkur XR4Ti

8. Dead (Red) Rocket Racing, Chrysler Neon


9. VolvOwned, Volvo 245

10. Glowing Red Rotor Racing, Ford Crown Victoria