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It's good to see that we're not the only journos with the severe man-crush on GM's Vice-Chairman, "Maximum" Bob Lutz. It seems David Pogue, the gadget-obsessed tech writer at The New York Times also has a heavy dose of the Lutz love as he spent some time with Bob and GM's new 'lectric concept sled, the Volt. Pogue describes Bob as "a funny, smart, engaging guy." We wish he'd also noted the "Maximum" man-musk emanating from him, but whatevs, maybe he was just overcome by it. Regardless, Pogue got...

... the same info we got out of the "Maximum" main-product man earlier this week on the Chevy Volt / Opel Flextreme / E-Flex platform. The result was different than we expected — we mean, who knew the NYT could write so glowingly about a US automaker? It would seem the GM PR machine's officially working "on all cylinders" now. Ha! We love hackneyed automotive analogies. (Hat tip to Thaddeus!) [NYT Pogue Blog]


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