David Freiburger Wants His Dart Back

Some of your may remember the Cheap Thrills Dart, a low-buck project car that ran in Hot Rod Magazine in the mid-90s. The goal was to get the old A-body to run 12s for $2,000, and they ended up with 12.69 at 107 mph for $1886.92. Not bad.

After the tranny blew in the middle of the first Hot Rod Power Tour, David shipped the car home and then ended up selling it a short while later for $800, thinking he’d never care about it again. He saw the car around Hollywood for a year or so before it disappeared. Well, now David wants his old Dart back. It was a factory red 273/auto car with a black bench seat interior. If anyone knows the Dart’s wherabouts, post a comment below.


Oh boy, I can just see more dreary paint and body articles spawning from this "gem."