To celebrate the first six decades of the largest Porsche club in the world and to add almost $20 grand to the GTS' base price, Porsche North America put a sexy ducktail on the car and gave it a very nice color too. Meet the GTS Club Coupe.

The Porsche 997 was famous for having more special editions than we could keep track of, and it looks like the 991 will continue with that trend. Now, I can't say that they went as far to honor the Porsche Club America as Ferrari did for their North American team, but at least they got the paint right. It's called Club Blau, and no, you can't have it on your Cayman S.

Let's not forget about that ducktail either. Give me one of those any day, and I shall be satisfied.


They will only built 60 GTS Club Coupes charging $136,060 for each, for which you get the SportDesign pack as standard and 20-inch semi-gloss black Sport Classic wheels painted with polished wheel centers and rim flanges.

Inside, the stitching, the seat belts and the rev counter are all Carmine Red while the rest of the trim is all carbon fiber. The steering wheel also has a red 12 o'clock marker and two-tone blue/red stitching.

The center compartment lid is embossed with a "60" and you even get a "GTS Club Coupe 60 Years Porsche Club of America" plaquette above the glove compartment.


If 430 horsepower, the widebody, Sport Chrono Package, the ducktail and the special trim wouldn't be enough, an Extended Club Coupe Package is available with the key painted in Club Blau, a leather key pouch and leather-edged floor mats, both of course with two-tone stitching in Carmine Red and Blue. They also charge extra for the indoor car cover, because Porsche.

Don't forget to add a destination charge of $995 to all that as well. I know it doesn't matter.

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