What is the point of Buick? Why does it exist? Just to sell re-badged Opels to the Chinese? Buick must be able to do more than that, and General Motors apparently thinks it can. That's the idea behind this, the Buick Avenir Concept unveiled on the eve of the Detroit Auto Show tonight.

Calling it now: this is the best-looking Buick that I've seen not only in the last few years, but probably in my entire lifetime.

GM says the concept explores Buick's future as a brand. It's got a direct-injection V6 engine, seating for four, a nine-speed paddle shift gearbox, and wait for it... wait for it.. rear-wheel drive. GM's product chief Mark Reuss said it's on the Omega platform that will underpin the Cadillac CT6 flagship sedan.

The rear-wheel drive Buick may be making a comeback. Get excited.