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Dash Cam Captures Woman High On Meth In Police Car Running From Cops

Illustration for article titled Dash Cam Captures Woman High On Meth In Police Car Running From Cops

So, you've done some meth. Then you stab someone in the back, literally. The sheriff's deputies show up and you decide to take their car and drive away. Yeah, that'll end well.


Tara Axmaker thought it would, anyway, when she took Clackamas County sheriff's car through the back country in Oregon, going speeds of up to 121 mph while singing and screaming. Oh, and she was on meth.

The incident happened in March 2013, but the video has just been made available. The Oregonian reports that last year, Axmaker stabbed a man in a home near the rural northern Oregon town of Mulino. When law enforcement showed up to investigate, Axmaker ran off and hid, then climbed into the cop car and drove off. She probably didn't know she was being recorded.


For 11 minutes, she drove through some dark back roads without lights and talking to herself. That was before other police caught up to her and finally forced her out of the car and arrested her. The cameras also capture her resisting the arrest.

Also, you have officers calling her a "wiry bitch" because they keep forgetting the whole thing is being recorded.

You can watch the whole 15-minute ordeal below:

Thanks for the tip, Dave!

Photo: Clackamas County Sheriff's

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Oh Tara.....