Damn You April Fools Day: Ford to Reintroduce the 'Scort? Not

Even a day after, the whole April fool's day deal is infecting our newsgathering brains. We were thisclose to posting on a Car and Driver report that Ford was planning to rebrand its Focus as an Escort. Then we got to a quote from Mark Fields, who said Escort fans had been disappointed their beloved 'Scort had been done-away with. A few geffaws later we were off the case. But we still had to call out C&D for a well-executed Foolish piece, despite April Fools day having a really short shelf life and us having our Fools antennae locked and loaded. We did have a great joke about the Fusion becoming the Contour, but that's blown now.

2008 Ford Escort - Auto Shows [Car and Driver]

Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Ford Focus [internal]


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