Daily Driving A P1 Is McLarening Done Right


We’re all familiar with this car. It’s quite a fucking fast one. You should buy it, garage it, and only take it out to play with on Sundays at the track, right? Wrong!

You should be like this gentleman, Go Hiramatsu, who is a lawyer in Tokyo. Hiramatsu daily drives his green McLaren P1 during the week. On weekends, he take it to racetracks, back roads, and meet ups. Sometimes he takes friends. Sometimes he doesn’t.

This video is a McLaren advertisement, as our friends over at Road & Track pointed out. But who cares? This guy is someone we all aspire to be anyways.

And apparently a P1 isn’t the only thing you can daily drive in Japan.


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That is how its done. And his wife let him buy a P1? Damn. My wife doesn’t even let me buy a FoodSaver system.