Daihatsu Charade, Bad Boys-style

Dutch hoons do it right - they do it Bad Boys style. This time they got a Daihatsu Charade and it's going down. Hear its three cylinders of fury cry in vain as it flies to its death.

The real action starts at about 1:35, but there's plenty of public disorderliness wrought out with this trusty little economy car, cruelly abused by these Dutch bastards. Nobly, the Daihatsu shows its mettle even in the hands of the car-murderers.


Do you think that nose-diving the poor car off a sand dune would kill it? Hell no! It's gonna have to take some real abuse for that. It turns out that these guys' self-proclaimed "Badboys style" consists of doing front-wheel drive donuts at the car's redline until it finally coughs its last gasp of sweet, free air. Damn you, you drunken Dutch hoons! You've killed another car – when will the madness end?

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