DAF vs. FAF: Nailing Shut Davey G's Coffin; The DAF 66 YA

Around the time Nixon resigned, the Dutch military realized that they were wasting an awful lot of money for all-wheel drive Jeeps that never left the pavement. If Luxemburg should attack, something less potent would do just fine. So the brass commissioned the best (and only) clutch-thieving Dutch carmaker to create a comparable two-wheel drive Jeep-type thingy. While cheap and cute, the CVT and its infamous rubber bands proved to be the weak spot. Though was it the 66 YA's fault? Not totally, according to DAF Cars — make the jump for more.

"The soldiers in the Dutch army, largely made up of conscripts, lived up to their reputation of wrecking everything they laid their hands on, and the belts in the Variomatic transmission were the first to go"


Like the duality of light, the 66 YA exists in the form of both a convertible and a camino. Davey: it will only get worse for you from here.

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