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The base vehicle has been modified to give it a 4x4 suspension, upholstery and floor mats which do not wear out as fast, and a switch starter instead of a key, along with things such as rifle racks, radio mounts, and other such accouterments. The front windshield can be folded forward and the canvas top removed. The rear bench seat folds forward to increase cargo room if necessary. Rear area commanders and teams in lower-priority areas use these vehicles. The A FAF is strong enough to be airdropped.

Airdropped. You hear that Jonny? Freaking airdropped. Let's see one of your precious DAFs jump out of a plane and live. I thought so. T.E. Lawrence, if he were alive today, would never be seen on such a ridiculous a-oo-gah-horned contraption as a rolling flatbed. But he'd roll right out of the ass end of an airborne C-130 in an A FAF with pride.

French Light Unarmored Vehicles

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