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Yes, once, long ago, I did write about the sheer radness of Citro n's mini-Jeeplet, which totally kicks the poo out of the DAF 66 YA. It's beefier, tougher-looking, was actually briefly sold in the US of A, and was available with four wheel drive. The plastic-bodied Mehari was also the basis for the mighty FAF, and featured very little to none, er actually, none in the way of variator-type technology. 2CV-Mehari-FAF? That's a lineage that can't be touched, son. Don't make me drop the 2CV Safari on you.

Two boxer twins, one driving each axle? Those DAF Dakar trucks you love so much are merely ripping off something the parents of the FAF were doing years before. Hey, Jonny. How're your knees doing? Oh wait, I think you've just been cut off at them. Face!

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