Dad Arrested For Leaving His Kid In The Truck At A Titty Bar

Generally speaking, children and bars are a bad combination. And even though small children tend to love breasts, their appreciation of them is quite different from the average strip club patron's, so nudie bars are out, too. But that didn't stop 24-year-old SoCal resident Santos Barillas from bringing his 2-year-old daughter to one.

We're not sure if Barillas had a last minute talking-to from his moral compass, or if he was just worried they'd card his kid at the door. Either way, he ended up locking the toddler inside his truck while he was in the bar drinking and ogling bare baby feeders at the Van Nuys venue.


The cops later found Barillas passed out at the wheel of his truck, his daughter in the back seat. It was 50 degrees outside; Barillas was still hammered and his daughter was cold. Law enforcement didn't waste any time throwing him in jail and taking his little girl to Child Protective Services.

According to KTLA, Barillas' fiancé sounded pissed. She got her baby back, and said she didn't care where her deadbeat man went.

Photo credit: KTLA

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