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DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group put the Dodge Challenger pony car on our mind since this year's NAIAS — it's a classic muscle car ain't seen round these parts since 1974. Today, lovers of classic muscle like us have a reason to cheer. Reports are coming fast n' furious — including from today's Freep — of Chrysler's desire to "get r' done" and "get r' done quick like a bunny." Word on the street is an announcement by CEO Dieter Zetsche and Chrysler head Tom LaSorda will come at tomorrow's Pepsi 400 race in Daytona Beach — and that the German-Chrysler hybrid will be bringing it to market as soon as...wait for year. Wow, what a way to wake up — it's like going to sleep at a Econo Inn and waking up at a big-name-low-budget hotel (ya just can't beat that whole free wifi and free mornin' breakfast).

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