Cyclist Pisses Off Old Man Who Was Driving In A Bike Lane

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In a recent study by some car insurance group, Massachusetts was found to have the 10th least worst drivers in the U.S. I know, I don't believe it either. Unless you're familiar with Boston, where the roads make no sense and drivers only look out for themselves. It's a wonder every cyclist doesn't get run over.

One Boston cyclist decided to bike down Commonwealth Avenue the day after a big snowstorm and, for the most part, cars were keeping out of what little of the bike lane wasn't all frosty. Except for one man in a Lincoln LS, who might not have known there were cyclists coming but clearly wasn't in his lane, either.


The guy on the bike comes up to the back of the Lincoln and taps the trunk. Car stays over the white line. He manages to get by it once the traffic has stopped and almost passes the car before the driver's window rolls down and it's a white-haired older man shouting, "You asshole" a lot.

Boston Magazine commenters seem to recall the bike lane being on the left of that particular stretch of road and are siding with the cyclist. I agree, the driver was being a total Masshole.


The best line? The cyclist says to the old man, "You're going on YouTube, my friend." Can't fault a guy for keeping his word.

(If you're watching without headphones, the video has a lot of NSFW language)