Cush-Ride Suspension of Belief

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Back when we lived Oakland work sometimes carried us over the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island to spray umber and ocher colored water about sets. Even though the island was only halfway across the bridge, getting there required paying the full bridge toll! While sitting in traffic the idea of a personal hovercraft was often entertained. The toll money saved could have then been spent on some goggles and foul weather gear, so that on rainy days we could make like the Gorton's Fisherman down Powell street on our way to the water.

Neoteric Hovercraft [External]

A Flying Hovercraft [Internal]

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Ah, the hovercraft. The promise of go-anywhere ability coupled with holy-shit-is-this-thing-gonna-work paranoia.

I really want one. Especially one that could hover, oh, about 8-10 feet above traffic if need be.