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Curtains And A Refrigerator: 1972 Toyota Crown Super Saloon

Illustration for article titled Curtains And A Refrigerator: 1972 Toyota Crown Super Saloon

We used to dream about bringing over a full-zoot Mitsubishi Debonair from Japan, but that was before we met this '72 Toyota Crown Super Saloon in the flesh at the Motoring J Style show last Saturday. The window curtains and super-luxurious interior are impressive enough, but then you open the trunk and find a factory-installed refrigerator! Imagine being the owner of a chain of mob-connected Tokyo strip clubs back in '72, being driven around in your Super Saloon while your kneecap-breaking heavies follow in a Corona Mark II! The owner of this Crown brought it over from Japan a couple years ago, and we're already pestering the Gawker Overlords to buy us one as our Official Jalopnik Staff car (sure, the Overlords ignored our entreaties when we demanded the '38 Peugeot 302, but we're not giving up!)


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Wow I'd like to get the Mercury Girl in that back seat, well any back seat would do. But the curtains do it for me. I'm glad that item in the trunk was identified as a fridge- I thought it was an on-board printer at first.