Crystal-Studded Wheel Size Emblems!

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Look, folks, if you're going the donk route, do it right! It's like having a dekotora- do you want subtlety or restraint? Of course you don't! You want to put big jeweled emblems advertising your donk's wheel size, preferably all over the car, but at least on the fenders. Iced Out Emz has a vast selection of such emblems, available for 20s all the way up to monster-truck-esque 30s; you can choose "diamonds," "emeralds," "rubies" and so on. Thing is, what if you're donking a Honda 600? 15" wheels would be considered donkworthy in that case, but unfortunately no 15" emblems are available.


Iced Out Emz: Redefining Ballerism []

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@MrGuts: Dude, for your own safety, if you keep going off like this on blatantly obvious stuff your heart will explode during the next rerun of Friends. They're wikkd gangsta pimpz, what did you expect? That they actually know stuff about cars instead of throwing shiny shit on there so they can be attracted to each other's penis chariots like dogs are attracted to shiny mirrors?

If I ever see Ludacris campaigning a Spec Miata and adjusting his camber angles to suit the suspension setup himself, I will eat my (insert something really disgusting here).

Right. I'm going to bed before I get gunned down in a drive-by. Or worse, sued by Al Sharpton.