Crossover Crunch: Dodge to Accept Challenge from Ford, GM

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Thought Dodge would just sit back and let GM and Ford own the new crossover (er, CUV) market without a fight? (Hint: the answer to this tired Q&A construction is usually "Hell no!") Automotive News reports that a new, Mexico-built crossover could grace Dodge's forecourts by 2008, with a Chrysler counterpart possible for 2010. Chrysler sources called the ~$20,000 vehicle a "new concept crossover," to at least differentiate it linguistically from GM's and Ford's upcoming offerings. The new model would be based on the midsize Sebring/Avenger platform, in the same way Ford's using its CD3 (Mazda6/Fusion) platform for its 2007 Edge. And as a side note, y'ever notice how much the Ram logo looks like a Rorschach test? Verrrry interesting, Herr Doktor Z.

New Dodge Crossover set for 2008

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So they'll take the Jeep Compass and they fill it with macho fenders.

Or some kind of Caliber Allroad.

NO. Wait, I got it. They'll use the Patriot to build a mini-Nitro.