Creative car thief uses crane to steal a Jeep

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Countless cars are stolen all over the United States every year, but we imagine there aren't too many that involve cranes. Strange as it might sound, that is exactly what one thief used to steal a 2008 Jeep Wrangler from an Indiana car lot last week.


Around 6:40am last Saturday a flatbed truck equipped with a crane arrived on the lot at LaPorte Chrysler, in LaPorte, Indiana. Security cameras show a man in a black hooded sweatshirt using the crane to lift the Jeep, which had been sold the day before for $25,000, off the lot and on to a trailer. The whole operation took only 6 minutes.

According to Matt Magnuson, general manager of LaPorte Chrysler, the truck had distinctive diamond markings. Although Magnuson has dealt with car thefts before, he's never seen one involving a crane. As the general manager explained to ABC News "Normally if they're going to steal a car they hotwire it and take it away. This is nuts"

Like most car lovers, we believe car thieves belong in a special layer of hell, but at least this one will have one hell of a story to tell when they get there.

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I've thought of that, but none of the cars I want to steal are out in a lot!