The small, independent team of Texans at RallyReady is planning a full-on assault on this year's Pikes Peak with an aim to do something no factory-backed, professional-driven car's ever been able to do: climb the hill in under 10:00.

Currently, the Open Wheel division record was set in 1994 by Robby Unser with a time of 10:05.85. The overall fastest time is 10:01.408 by Japan's "Monster" Tajima in an insane 1,000-hp Suzuki XL7. How's a team of Texans going to best them?

"We've got a bonkers vehicle we're concocting through some pretty high-profile partnerships," RallyReady's Dave Carapetyan told us. " Imagine time attack meets WRC.. then add nitrous."

Remember the Alamo! Actually, remember San Jacinto!