Illustration for article titled Crazy Japanese Tuners Combine 3-Series With S2000, Rocks Our World

Japanese chicks, E36 3-Series, cowboy hats, 9,500 RPM, 250 HP Honda S2000 engines, short skirts, race drivers. All of those things appear in this video.


After watching it, we’re inexplicably happy, but aren’t quite sure what just happened to us. Somehow, a tuned S2000 motor has found its way into a modified E36, which then found its way into the hands of a rubber-glove wearing driving god with a sexy sidekick. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the cameraman for combining our new favorite things — upskirt and massively over-revving tachometers — into the same shots. I think we’ve found our new heroes, the good men of Best Motoring.

[via Streetfire]

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