Have you ever been at the gas station and suddenly realized you needed a haircut immediately? Oh, who am I kidding, of course you have! One German gas station is coming to your rescue.

The hair brained idea (I'm so sorry) was thought up by German Ralph Mehlmann. Basically, he thought of it because he never had time to get a haircut, but he did have to frequently stop to fill up his car.

And, ladies and gentleman, that is how a business was born.

Mehlmann has a mobile salon that he keeps in Constance, Germany. While people fill up with gas or get their car washed, they can settle in for a nice haircut as well. He plans to open 10 salons this year and have 100 by next year.


The German Professional Body for Hairdressing and Cosmetics — yes, that is a thing — isn't totally convinced, but they aren't going to make Mehlmann close his business.

So if you need a fill-up and a shape up, I guess you need to head over to Germany.


Photo Credit: Tank & Cut