Crash Test Video May Show 2014 F1 Penis Nose

At first glance, this video shows a real crash test of a 2014 F1 car chassis. That's very interesting, but one expert seems to have sussed out an even more interesting detail.


The expert is the always-excellent Craig Scarborough aka ScarbsF1. If you're a casual observer, he is by far the best source on the Internet for technical information when it comes to F1. He's known for his incredibly accurate line drawings in particular. And what did Scarbs see when he watched this video?


Yep, it's a penis nose. His earlier predictions about the 2014 Red Bull's phallic proboscis point to the same design. We might have the most technologically advanced season in quite some time to look forward to, but we may also be getting ready for the most NASCAR-esque and, if this is anything to go on, ugliest season in memory.

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OMG! Don't EVER Google "penis nose"!