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All I want is a hot hatchback that combines the handling prowess of a Volkswagen GTI with the torque and fuel economy of a diesel engine. In America, the country I live in. Is that so much to ask? Apparently so, because the Volkswagen GTD's American future is not looking bright.


Last we heard the GTD — the diesel MK7 GTI — was headed to the U.S., but it was taking its sweet damn time getting here, so don't bother it. Now a report from my homeboy Gabe Nelson in Automotive News says otherwise.

Volkswagen Group of America CEO Michael Horn told reporters that they're having a hard time making a business case for the GTD in the U.S.

"The GTD would be a great car," Horn said, but with that added cost, "the price point is not really attractive. So the probability is sort of diminishing."


I feel this is probably directly related to the news that the closely related A3 Sportback TDI is coming here. I guess we can have one or the other, but not both, and the A3 probably has broader appeal and more profit potential.

Can America still be great even if we don't get the Volkswagen GTD? I just don't know anymore.

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