Crank it or Spank It? The Winding Road 'Vette Debate Rages On

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Over at Dubspeed, spy photog and minion of Priddy Chris Doane weighs in on his side of the Winding Road faux-Blue Devil prank. Kasey Kagawa follows Doane's piece up with a counterpunch of his own, stating that stunts like this are precisely what American autojournalism needs to shake it out of its own self-absorbed torpor. Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? Darts of pleasure? Valiants of lust? Comment away.

Counterpoint: Spy Photographer Chris Doane Weighs in on Winding Road's Fake Prototype 'Vette; Counter-Counterpoint: A Shot in the Arm [Dubspeed]


Sympathy For The Devil: Winding Road's Faux Hyper-Vette [Internal]

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