Courtesy of our beer und bike buddy Basem, this DS Break can be yours for the not so low (but maybe so) price of $15,000. First of all, it's the only non-Peugeot 405 French station wagon in America we can think of. Second, all the hydrolic spheres have been recently replaced. Thirdly, the rear seats are a trip. Remember on old Ford wagons how the way back seats faced each other? Same thing here, only they are off set for some legroom. Even so, the Safari still seats 8. And finally, it is a Goddess, with the radder than all get out hydropneumatic suspension and everything else that makes the DS one of the coolest cars of all time. Always remember, ugly is in the beholder's eye.

1971 Citroen Safari wagon - $15000 - $15000 []

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