Couple Keeps Austin Weird By Driving Their Couch Down the Road

I have discovered my new heroes, and they are the Austin, Texas couple who converted their living room couch into a vehicle—and, yes, even drove it down the street.


A video posted by CBS Austin on their Facebook has given me this wonderful gift. While the clip is under fifteen seconds, it has somehow managed to be the greatest content I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

CBS Austin doesn’t know much info about the couple in the video. They remain a wonderful enigma—two masked marauders living their very best life.

I’m not sure what I love more—the fact that it’s a leopard print couch, or the fact that these folks have made sure to include both the coffee table (and its accoutrements) and a lamp. Imagine how comfortable the whole setup must be (minus the, uh, wind).

There were no more details to be had at the hands of CBS Austin—but if you know the lovely couple who created the greatest wheeled creation ever, send ‘em my way.

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ITs Edd China’s record setting couch. Number plates seem to match up as does the overall design.