Couple flees New Zealand earthquake in totaled Lexus

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A New Zealand couple in the midst of last week's earthquake that killed 127 people managed to find their 2004 Lexus RX300 under the rubble of a department store and drive it home — 370 miles.


Ashley and Christine Vendt had just ordered lunch at a cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, last week when the 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit the city's business district. Their Lexus had been parked around the corner, and throwing some rubble off the hood, they drove back to their hotel, then home to Nelson, New Zealand some 600 kilometers away.

The trip through cold, rain and darkness took several hours, and despite several police officers examining the smashed-up Lexus, all let it continue. The Vendts are now looking for a new ride: their insurance has declared the Lexus a total loss.


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Fred Smith

pretty cool to see that they drove away in a totaled car.

as for their new car, they should buy a holden commondore ute.