FINALLY. Someone has had the sense to name a new car 'explosion.' Yes, meet the new Gumpert Explosion, which is a real car that is named Explosion.

You may have thought to yourself before, 'why aren't more cars named explosion?' Or, 'Explosion would be a really cool name for a car, since cars are powered by explosions and also explosion is a cool word that has an x in it and refers to things blowing up.'


These are perfectly reasonable thoughts. I have had them. You have had them. And now Gumpert has made it clear they had these thoughts as well.

Gumpert went bankrupt last year having failed to make a business case out of their Apollo, the ultra-fast, ultra-ugly, ultra-hard-to-drive supercar they started out with. This Explosion concept car is their mark of return.

Autogespot reports that the Explosion was built in partnership with Formvision and comes with either a 420 horsepower 2.0 liter four cylinder or a 510 horsepower inline five. Apparently it's based on an Audi TT.

Performance is supposedly under 3 seconds to 62mph and a top speed of 186mph.

In any case, I'm just glad that somebody did the right thing and listened to six-year-olds when picking a name for their new car.

You can find live pics of the Gumpert Explosion right here on

Top Photo Credit: Newspress