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Could You Hang On At 206 MPH Around The Isle Of Man On The Kawasaki H2R?

Riding the Isle of Man fast takes some serious cojones. Riding the Isle of Man fast on a race bike takes serious cojones and a whole lot of skill. Riding the Isle of Man fast on a 300 hp, supercharged Kawasaki H2R - that takes cojones, skill, and a whole lot of crazy.

Kawasaki rider James Hillier took a second place in the Senior TT race at the Isle of Man on his Quattro Plant/Muc Off Kawasaki ZX-10R, with a 132 mph lap. Then, just for funsies, he went out and set the top speed record on the 37 mile course on a Kawasaki H2R - hitting a top speed of 206 mph in the Sulby straight (right around the 3:15 mark in the video). Now that’s what I call a parade lap.


You can watch the full footage from Hillier’s lap here, though the video with his commentary and 3rd person views add a lot to the experience - and give you small breaks to unclench your sphincter when they cut to Hillier talking.

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Not on a bike, not on a trike

Not dressed in leather, in best of weather

I would not were my things all nicked

Or if threatened with my testes kicked

I would not race at two-oh-six

Round the Isle of Man, past walls and bricks