Riding the Isle of Man fast takes some serious cojones. Riding the Isle of Man fast on a race bike takes serious cojones and a whole lot of skill. Riding the Isle of Man fast on a 300 hp, supercharged Kawasaki H2R - that takes cojones, skill, and a whole lot of crazy.

Kawasaki rider James Hillier took a second place in the Senior TT race at the Isle of Man on his Quattro Plant/Muc Off Kawasaki ZX-10R, with a 132 mph lap. Then, just for funsies, he went out and set the top speed record on the 37 mile course on a Kawasaki H2R - hitting a top speed of 206 mph in the Sulby straight (right around the 3:15 mark in the video). Now that’s what I call a parade lap.

You can watch the full footage from Hillier’s lap here, though the video with his commentary and 3rd person views add a lot to the experience - and give you small breaks to unclench your sphincter when they cut to Hillier talking.