Could You Even Start The Most Important Car Of The Early 20th Century?

Henry Ford and his Model-T changed transportation, manufacturing and... the entire world, really. His affordable car could take the whole family anywhere, and did you know it even came with cruise control as standard in 1908? Well, sort of.

While the Model-T was a cleverly engineered and well built thanks to Ford's advanced assembly lines, despite all the simplicity, it is now a very complicated machine to operate by modern standards, as we see in this XCAR video.


But even if driving one today requires a fair bit of practice, it's well worth the effort as after switching to high gear and pushing the horn twice, one can truly understand how liberating it must have been in the early 20th century when people started to discover the countryside and go where no horse has gone before using nothing but gasoline, the loud pedal and the Model-T's surprisingly good off-road capabilities.

Also, as Hungarian, I must always send a hi-five to Ford's sharpest men, József Galamb and Jenő Farkas!

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