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The United States Coast Guards Dutch Harbor Marine Safety Detachment is now reporting that the Cougar Ace, the Mitsui OSK Lines owned vessel that rolled in waters south of the Aleutian islands, subjecting its cargo of nearly 5,000 vehicles, including over 1,400 Mazda 3-series to a rough n' tumble and shake n' bake kind of ride. According to BYM News:

"...the Cougar Ace is stable, but most decks suffered vehicle damage and all the vehicles must be resecured...spilled transmission fluid and other lubricants, from all the car decks..."


Hmm, yeah...note to selves — don't buy any 3-series at auction for the next...oh...18 months. We think you can agree — especially when you check out the tanker for yourself below.

Cougar Ace stable but Coast Guard reports vehicle damage on most decks [BYM News]

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