COTD: The Suzy Dietrich racing legacy can be yours edition

Suzy Dietrich isn't a household name, but she's well-known among classic race fans for her efforts in the 1950s and '60s, running in Ladies races from Watkins Glen to LeMans. Now facing a growing bill for health care, Hemmings reports that Dietrich has decided to auction off hundreds of pieces of racing memorabilia, from trophies to race suits designed by Stirling Moss; you can find the online part of her auction here. It's the spirit of racing that wins BrtStlnd today's honors in regards to McLarens and Lewis Hamilton's propensity for crashes:


'I had my blinker on but he was just following at an unsafe distance. Maybe next time he will not try to overtake me in the left-hand turn lane. My Clio needs a new bumper. Thanks for that.'

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