COTD: The many faces of Kimi edition

Kimi Raikkonen's first test behind the wheel of a Nascar truck appeared to go well today — given that Raikkonen was able to match lap times at a Georgia track with team owner Kyle Busch. While Raikkonen may have ambitions to get into a Sprint Cup car before the end of the season, there's still some cultural questions remaining, and barriers like the one geistkoenig noted:

Personal opinion:

Look, I know that racing is fearsomely expensive. (Trust me, I know that just having a car can be out of reach sometimes.) And sponsorship is money. And if someone is willing to write me a check so I can continue to go out there in a good fast well-prepared car and keep dialing my attention span into the Zone and having adrenaline dissolve the apathetic gunk in my arteries, absolutely wonderful. Love it, thank you, you are why this is possible.

Ain't no fucking way I'm having "Perky Jerky" on the side of my race car, though.


Special honorable mention to Smackela for the image of Kimi's crests and troughs.

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