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The Bubble Boy — a.k.a. David Vetter — was more than just a setup for a Seinfeld skit and a terrible film. He was a real person who grew up not far from where I grew up and lived to be 12 despite suffering from numerous auto-immune disorders. They even named an elementary school near my neighborhood after him where many of my friends went.


In his first column for us, Bill Caswell suggested how to make racing more interesting and solicited suggestions. OneFastPuertoRican had a great one involving a bubble.

Perhaps an underground viewing area (similar to this aircraft carrier catapult control system) might be a cool way for fans to get up close to a ridiculously fast F1 car.

Fans could pay a few hundred bucks to get 5-10 laps 'in the bubble' and have their eardrums ruptured at no additional cost!

Yes, the amount of reinforcement needed to the safety glass and steel would have to be off the charts but it would be quite an attraction for some brave spectators.


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