Among automaker CEOs, Dany Bahar of Lotus holds the record for most roughshod treatment of a car brand's hard-earned equity. As such, his cynical efforts at automotive merchandizing hasn't gone unnoticed around here.

And yet, we'd almost forgotten that he even existed. Two Los Angeles auto shows ago, Bahar presided over a road-show, during which Lotus unveiled some of the most divisive concept cars ever seen. Absent was any attempt at preserving Lotus DNA, in a visual sense, and they wore their marketplace compromises on their spiny skins like spiteful badges of honor. Yes, we'd almost forgotten about ol' Dany. And then CRXPilot reminded us, with this version of the famously biblical remark on humility from the book of Matthew, why Bahar was indeed on our shite list.

Jalopaniah 3:27 - "It is easier for a Lotus to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Dany Bahar to enter the kingdom of Jalop."