COTD: That big machine is just a-pickin' up speed edition

This mashup of 1973's "Paper Moon" with Gillian Welch's "Hard Times" has been stuck in my brain for weeks now, spinning like the hood ornament Ryan O'Neal's character keeps on his Model A. Something about the song, the sight of old dust that looks new, and about choosing your reaction to what ails us all.


And with that, time to sell some bibles. All hail RustyVanHorn for combining cars and seagulls:

This is dangerous. My dad used to catch cars at stoplights and pull this trick. It was fun for them. They'd poo on the wiper blades, leave feathers in convertibles...good times, good times.

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He was the best hood rider in Texas and a cunning Pelican. He was an amazing bird and good friend. For over 100 years Pelicans were used to keep high speed vehicles in check. To keep them from being too powerful, to keep balance in this world from boring grocery getters and high end luxury cars. But that was before the dark times. Before the Bugatti.

But it didn't last. He was killed by an exotic named Veyron, who betrayed him.

I hate race cars now. But what can I do. I'm just a Pelican.



Nice job, Rusty, and congrats!

Enjoy this fine brew on me. Have a great weekend!