COTD: Space Camp edition

If your close to my age, a good portion of your childhood was spent watching, talking or dreaming about the Space Shuttle — from the early launches that were required viewing in class, to Space Camp, to Sally Ride, to the terrible movie about "Space Camp" — that culminated in the Challenger explosion, the first "where were you when you heard" pulse of our lives. Today's launch of the Discovery ends that history, and I'm not sure when I'll have a live rocket launch to show my kids again. While great achievement often comes in bursts, some roll up their glory a little at a time, year after year. Such is the case with one Spieg du Jour, and with the subject of his comment on Charlie Sheen's vehicular whoremongering:


Those little Hot Shots got a lot of Major League from one of The Three Musketeers but we all know that he goes Beyond The Law when it comes to his Eight (ball) Men Out and his Loaded Weapon doesn't keep Cadence and is Deadfall prior The Arrival.


Wall Street.

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